A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Since this game was made in a game jam, it is "finished" and will not developed further.


The main character, who happens to be a cat, finds itself in a coma dream. While he has his eyes open, he sees todays world, which is flashy and colorful. But with his eyes closed, he looks straight to his past, 20 years ago, and a lot has changed in between. Can you help him escape out of his coma and unite him once again with his beloved wool ball.


Johannes Wagner
Franz Josef Huber
Natascha Sobe
Lukas Burgstaller
Stefan Reichenauer
Mathias Lux


linux.zip 31 MB
osx.zip 20 MB
win.zip 18 MB


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how to open eyes on macbook

I'm not sure, what you mean. Does the game not start on macbook, or do you not know the control for iOS?

And I'm not sure if this was made clear, but this game was made in a game jam, so it is "finished" as it is now.

The art style is super cute! However there was no indication of what the controls were and I had to work it out myself (Ctrl to open/close eyes). The movement also feels a bit...floaty, which can make lining up crate jumps slightly tedious. The soundtrack is great, however. Just needs more levels and an indication of the controls but fine for a prototype.

game don't work on itch app

Thank you for your feedback, but i'm not able to reproduce the problem, as it works fine for me.